Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference was on fire!

YMDC Stage

The Reinventing Events team was super excited to work with Flurry, a client we’ve worked with before on SourceDigital13 in NYC and Source14 in SF, on their big event this year in San Francisco. Yahoo acquired Flurry in 2014 and this was their chance to produce the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference.

YMDC Women's Tech Breakfast moderator Jarah Euston and panelists Cynthia Maxwell, Maria Zhang, and Annie Cheng. Photo by @rascada

YMDC Women’s Tech Breakfast moderator Jarah Euston and panelists Cynthia Maxwell, Maria Zhang, and Annie Cheng. Photo by @rascada

Our team worked closely with Flurry and Yahoo for selection of the venue and design elements including AV setup, furniture rentals, and print and signage production. The day started off with an invite-only Women’s Tech Breakfast, where female attendees came together to hear from Directors of Engineering at Yahoo including, Maria Zhang, Annie Cheng and Cynthia Maxwell, and have open conversations about being a woman in technology. One panelist shared, “Our CEO (Marissa Mayer) is visible. She is present. We see her as both a leader and a mother. She inspires me.”

Attendees were greeted by pops of the Yahoo purple throughout the lobby of Nob Hill Masonic Center where the event was held. As they checked in, they were given custom wooden, laser cut badges with the conference logo cut out. Guests were able to mingle and chat as they grabbed breakfast before the conference kicked off. As soon as the doors to the auditorium were opened, over 1,000 attendees flooded into the space to take their seats before Marissa Mayer took the stage.

Custom badges for each attendee

It was a packed house all day and attendees enjoyed the multiple announcements made from the stage for new, free tools for them to utilize via Yahoo’s mobile developer suite. The main stage setup included two vertical screens on each side, which allowed for demos to be seen as if there were giant mobile phones hanging above the stage, while a large center horizontal screen showcased the speaker’s slides during presentations.

Boxed lunches allowed attendees to grab food and find a spot to chat with others, either in the dining area or throughout the lobby and mezzanine. Multiple Yahoo teams hosted Yodel Meetups throughout the afternoon, which gave guests an opportunity to learn more about the Mobile Developer Suite firsthand from employees, as an alternative to the afternoon presentations in the auditorium.

YMDC Cocktail Reception

Shortly after bringing the group back together for the afternoon session, the fire alarm was triggered in the venue and the entire conference had to evacuate the building. Thankfully it was a false alarm! Everyone had a good time going outside for some fresh air and opportunity to take selfies with the fire trucks called to the venue. After everyone filed back into the auditorium, Jarah Euston, Senior Director of Marketing and Analytics and emcee for the conference, brought the group back together saying, “It’s official, YMDC is on fire!”

The cocktail hour closed the day out with everyone hanging out in the lobby while chatting over drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres. As the sun started to set, the lobby had additional pops of purple to help thank guests for participating in the first ever Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference.



Here are the things our team enjoyed about the production:

Working on the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference was a great experience! Our client Flurry, who was acquired by Yahoo, is a repeat client, so that in itself is something I enjoyed about the project. I also learned to work with a venue that requires Union Labor because although it was challenging at times, it allowed me to gain that knowledge for future events. Finally, I really enjoyed the vertical projection screens we used in the main stage, as it was another first on my end at an event, and was perfect for IMAG and app projection.

Marie Scimeca

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference production. I have been with Reinventing Events for almost two years now, but this was my first time working with Flurry (Flurry from Yahoo now). After hearing so many great things about this company and the people who worked for it, I’m glad to have joined this “production family”. I also liked working with the Yahoo TA staff onsite. Without the professionalism and friendliness of both the Flurry from Yahoo and Yahoo staff members, this event would not have been so successful, which is why this is what I enjoyed most.

Maria Chalaire

The AV setup was awesome- the vertical screens looked great! One of the speakers had a sweet rolling ball that anyone could control using an app by touching your phone to the ball. He jumped the ball off the stage during his presentation. No one was injured by it!

Matt McClure

I always enjoy working with speakers, but this conference was especially fun. We watched Yahoo product managers transition into conference speakers and see the pride on their faces after completing their presentations. There were a lot of high-fives and applause happening in the speaker green room throughout the day!

Lindsay Hearne

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