Tech Cocktail Celebrate 2014 Production Recap

On October 6th and 7th, Tech Cocktail Celebrate brought together hundreds of attendees, industry leaders and inspiring speakers. These attendees attended the conference in Downtown Las Vegas at INSPIRE. Located at one of the most famous intersections in Vegas, INSPIRE is a one-of-a-kind community and event complex. Intimate, yet surprisingly expansive, its heart is the state-of-the art Inspire Theater. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of dynamic, idea-driven speaking and performance events, this theater was perfect for this small-scale production. We want to thank all the staff at INSPIRE for their amazing service throughout the event! Tech Cocktail Celebrate’s agenda offered …


Distill14 team

Learning Lessons – Teamwork, Wineries, and AV

Because I started my post-college event planning career five years before joining Reinventing Events, and obtaining my CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) accreditation, I certainly felt I had a good handle on planning events. Which is my first point, planning in general, is ALWAYS an ongoing learning process. Even with a repeat meeting, a new problem, solution or realization always comes up. Therefore, I’ve included a shortlist of the most impactful learning lessons that I’ve experienced from this past year working for Reinventing Events. Part of a team The biggest change for me was not being the sole planner of a meeting anymore. …


Engine Yard Distill 2014: The Essence of Development

Reinventing Events had the pleasure of producing for the second year, Engine Yard Distill, a two day, multi-track conference for people who create and build web and mobile technology. Distill attendees heard the latest ideas from a list of illustrious speakers, network with a vibrant group and be on the vanguard of web and mobile technology development. This year’s event took place in the Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, previously known as the Exploratorium. With the all the playful laboratory items removed, Engine Yard had a blank canvas to work with. In fact, they even had a muralist, Candace …


A Nerdy Chic Wedding that was Out of This World

Vibrant, modern and packed with nerdy personality, this Bay Area wedding was out of this world. Reinventing Events had the pleasure of producing our first wedding thanks to our friends, Dan Hsu and Christina Ha. From the unique venue, to the happy color palette, and everything in between — the day was absolutely stellar. Ever since planning my own wedding, I’ve been chomping at the bridal bit to produce one. I learned from my own adventures (and mishaps) of doing it all for my big day, that every bride needs to hire a wedding planner. From reviewing and negotiating with …


You’re invited to EntreTrip Cancun

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s hard to take time for ourselves. We work at all hours, because that’s often what’s needed to manage a successful business. And when we do make time to get away, it’s usually for only a day or two, not an extended vacation that is needed for our own good. Add the frustration of not having time to plan something and we often just end up giving up. EntreTrip is an easy way to take care of these things along with the benefit of having real conversations with others who are in the same …



Time to Celebrate Shark Week 2014

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2014 starts on Sunday, August 10. Shark Week is an annual weeklong series of TV shows purely dedicated to sharks. This particular week is one of Reinventing Events favorite holidays! Since we happen to have such a passion for not only sharks, but event planning, we want to share our secrets on how to successfully celebrate Shark Week and all its JAWsome glory! Let’s start with the best part of celebrations, the food and drinks. The “Shark Teeth” cheese snacks, from Love the Day, would be a great item to make for your guests as it is creative and simple to put …


How to Host Dive-In Movie Night

When I moved into my house last year, I immediately saw huge potential right in front of my eyes. The way my house is built, there’s a 2-story wall in the pool area that I thought would be perfect to project a movie onto while enjoying it from the pool. Because I moved to Vegas during the hottest time of the year, the pool stayed nice and warm into the evening. I decided to get creative and host a Shark Week party, complete with sharks swimming above the pool thanks to a great projector I found on Amazon and Shark Week shows …


An Event Professional’s Perspective on The Art of the Brick

The Art of the Brick Exhibit is the LEGO art exhibition created by Nathan Sawaya. The art pieces are constructed with LEGO bricks and range in size from two to over 500,000 bricks. The time to build these structures can take anywhere from hours to months, depending on the size and complexity of the art work. Sawaya started creating these sculptures in 2002 and today there are currently six exhibits worldwide. Karen Hartline and I had the chance to visit the Discovery Times Square The Art of the Brick exhibit in New York City this past June. As an event professional, …


Twilio Roadshow

Twilio’s Engineering the Customer Experience: Reinventing Event’s First Roadshow

Reinventing Events recently produced Twilio‘s roadshow, Engineering the Customer Experience. This event took place within six weeks and went to Atlanta, London, Chicago, New York, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. Twilio hosted this event to help developers and companies create great customer experiences in this new software-defined world and to explore how these changes will streamline business communications. The Roadshow consisted of informational main and breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a free Chromebook giveaway! Reinventing Event’s role was to produce this roadshow from start to finish. We did this by working with the Twilio team to create an experience that was similar in each city and …


Fourth of July Event Tips

Fourth of July is not only a wonderful day to celebrate the United States’ freedom, but it’s also nice to enjoy a day with friends and family. We’ve found some fun snacks, cocktails, and decor to make your red, white, and blue holiday spectacular. First, lets start off with where to go! According to Wallet Hub, these are the overall top cities to go to for the Fourth of July based on rankings for entertainment & food, attractions & outdoor activities, as well as weather forecast: Richmond, VA Irvine, CA Cincinnati, OH Oakland, CA Washington, DC Now let’s get to the …


Collision Conference comes to Downtown Vegas

On May 13 and 14, the Collision conference took over Downtown Las Vegas. It was a tech conference filled with endless networking opportunities mixed with informative and inspiring sessions. Over 1,000 attendees, including startups and investors from all over the world, attended the conference. It took place at Western Hotel located off Fremont Street. This venue has a particularly interesting story. As Event Producers we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best possible venue selections that would meet the goals for their particular event. Collision really wanted to host the event Downtown to showcase what is happening with Downtown Project. Because of …


Flurry Source14 Production Recap

On April 22, Flurry’s Source14 conference brought together thought leaders and innovators to explore the mobile transformation with a focus on Mobile Living. They shared what is working, what has failed, and what is next for an industry that relates to over a billion people worldwide. Over 450 attendees attended the conference in the center of San Francisco, on the fourth floor at City View at the METREON. With floor-to-ceiling windows, attendees could admire the San Francisco backdrop, a pretty unique experience for conference goers. We want to thank all the staff at METREON for their amazing service throughout the …


The UP Summit Village

We are entering our last day of UP Summit, a weekend experience bringing 500 people together from all over the world to Downtown Las Vegas. The event travels to different cities each year, including Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and Austin in 2012, and very much feels like a family reunion as the attendees are all together only once per year. We started discussions about event production for UP Summit last August, shortly after I moved to Las Vegas after falling in love with what was happening with Downtown Project and the surrounding community. The overall idea was to offer times …



The Key to Success: Continued Event Education

At Reinventing Events, we strive to continually educate ourselves so that we may become the best event producers we can be. In the event industry, things are continuously changing so it’s vital to stay up-to-date on the newest trends, techniques, and technologies so we’ll be knowledgeable and prepared in any situation. Our team demonstrates this daily. Read on to see how each team member specifically practices continued event education.   Karen Hartline, CEO & Co-founder, Las Vegas It’s very important for our team to stay current on trends and education. I recently took the Technical Meeting and Event Production class offered by Event Leadership Institute …


Mind candy

Reinventing Events Mind Candy

Reinventing Events has created a blog series on “mind candy”. Since we are constantly feeding our heads with cool things we find around the internet, we thought we’d share the love with you. The goodies include articles from the event industry, tech trends, and just all around fun things…like puppies, food and drink recipes, music, and who knows what else! Here’s this weeks mind candy. We hope you enjoy as much as we do. Eight Events That Changed Events Forever  In this blog, Jez Paxman shares his thoughts on Event Manager Blog on how eight particular events have changed the event industry forever. He …