The Event Planner’s Secret Weapon

Being a female event producer can be challenging when trying to find the perfect outfit to hold your cell phone, pens, keys, and all the other gadgets or tools that are required to survive a day of running an event. A fashionista at heart, the idea of wearing pants is never my first choice.

So here’s where I confess about my obsession: dresses with pockets. It’s my event producing uniform, stylish but more importantly, effective.

There’s obviously a growing market need for dresses with pockets. If I were an engineer instead of a brilliant producer, I’d build a search function API so that all these great online dress shops can service the Reinventing Events clan to find more stylish uniforms. (Anyone out there got some engineering skillz to share?!) Though there’s no current easy solution to finding dresses with pockets all in one place, here are a few great sites that can help you find an affordable, stylish, and fun must-have of this season (and every season!) —

  • ModCloth got it right! You can select the category for ‘Pockets Dresses’ on their site and just shop those.
  • ASOS for simple chic dresses. They are on the cutesy side but if you’re the petite-type then there are some great finds here.
  • Topshop, trendy fashions, slightly more upscale then H&M but hails from London so there’s a smaller chance that you’ll see every other girl wearing the same outfit.

And, I love this pinboard on Pinterest: Event Dresses (with pockets). What are your favorite sites to find dresses with pockets?


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