Celebrating 5 years of Zendesk

Mikkel SvaneZendesk came to us a few months ago to help with their 5 year anniversary event and they wanted to party in a big way! Not only would they celebrate 5 years of changing the ways of customer service management, they were also releasing a new app. They also teased us, saying early on they would have a big announcement to celebrate as well, but it was totally under wraps. We didn’t find out until the morning of the party on September 12, that they were also celebrating a new round of funding to the tune of $60M.

We had so much fun working with Zendesk to produce a true celebration for all of their good news. Attendees included their entire team, spouses and special friends, and of course, customers like Twilio, Yammer, Box, and Modcloth, who use Zendesk to service THEIR customers.

The event was hosted at the Great American Music Hall and looked amazing thanks to the work of Blueprint Studios, with rentals and lighting to transform the music hall into a zen setting, complete with white lounge furniture and drapes throughout the venue. They even created a media wall, fully branded with Zendesk that looped a video highlighting Zendesk customers.

The food came from our friends at Small Potatoes and included truffled popcorn and salted spice caramel corn throughout the venue to snack on, multiple snacking stations including noodle salad, beef & bacon and a wild mushroom meatball option, and my favorite, the ‘Shocking Chicken Station’ which consists of buttermilk fried chicken (or fried tofu!) on a black pepper biscuit with honey butter and topped with Tobacco Cotton Candy. Delish!! The evening closed out with Meyer Lemon and Spiced Chai Cheesecake Lollipops.

Small Potatoes Popcorn

Guests had a great time producing HILARIOUS flipbooks from The Laugh Box. Each group had 7-seconds to create a video that was then printed, cut, and created into their own personal flipbook. Such a fun take-away for attendees to remember the event.

Entertainment lasted all…night…long… thanks to spinning from DJ Teeko, who made sure to include our special song requests in the rotation, and cover band, The Cheeseballs. I’m not ashamed to say that I was definitely sweaty by the end of the night after shaking a tail feather on the dance floor with everyone! I think the specialty cocktails designed with Zendesk flair helped keep the party going until it was time to close the doors.





To close the evening out, each guest was given a gift with lots of Zendesk swag in it, including the best shirt ever made and a bottle opener to keep the celebration going long after the event ended.

The event was captured by Orange Photography, who did a great job! All photos in the post were taken by Orange Photography which shows how fabulous they are at documenting events.

We were honored to produce this event and be part of such a huge celebration. We wish Zendesk many years of continued success and celebrations!!

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