The Psychology of Events

Here at Reinventing Events, we are committed to constantly educating ourselves about the event industry. We recently joined the Event Leadership Institute, which is an online professional program that aims to enhance event professionals’ knowledge of the industry through informative videos and online training sessions. We pick out videos to watch based on their relevance and interest to our company to ensure we are always learning and growing.

I am currently a psychology major at the University of San Francisco, so I was particularly interested in watching the video session called “The Psychology of Events”. Kevin White, CSEP, the teacher of this session, explains that the purpose of events is to communicate a message to people. Of course speakers at events quite literally do this, but the more important messages are conveyed nonverbally. Kevin explains the most significant part of an event is setting the tone because tone affects people’s moods. Everything from lighting to the food served has an effect on a person’s mood during the event. He even went in depth on the importance of how an event smells. Smell is the most powerful sense because it can trigger emotional memories. Apparently the worst smell you could pump through an event is the scent of roses because it reminds people of funerals. Good to know!

What I took away from the video was the importance of understanding how an individual in processing the entire event; get into their brains. I learned so much in just one hour from this video and I can’t wait to watch the next one!

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