Goals for Social Media

So your business has taken the great plunge into the world of social media. You’ve set up your company’s Facebook page and have even tweeted a few times, but where do you go from there? The first step to creating an effective online presence is establishing your online goals. What do you hope to accomplish with social media?

Emily Olson, co-founder and visionary behind Foodzie.com which was acquired by Joyus.com. At an event she spoke at, she shared that a business’s online presence is most effective when divided equally in three parts: promoting the business, interacting with others, and becoming a thought leader in the industry.

Inspired by Emily, we have defined our social media goals as the following:

FAME- Become known for thought leadership in the industry. To do so, we share ideas with our followers. We have tweeted pictures of cool centerpieces and blogged about our favorite productivity apps. To measure fame, we ask ourselves, “how influential are we? Are followers retweeting us, commenting on our Instagram pictures, and repining our photos on Pinterest?”

BRAND- Promote and establish Reinventing Events. To promote our brand, we update our followers about our latest projects, post pictures of our events on Instagram, and tweet about team outings. We measure if we are broadening our reach by gaining new followers and fans.

RESOURCE- We use Pinterest to gain new visions and inspiration. If we find a great idea for a cocktail, we will share it with our followers. We are constantly updating our boards with new ideas. If a client asks us for a unique lighting design, we can show them our lighting board as inspiration.  We strive to be of service to the community and the industry.

Keeping track of new followers, retweets, mentions, comments, likes, etc., will help you answer those questions and help you shape your plan so that it is effective in meeting your goals.

We use Hootsuite to help us to measure our online outreach. With Hootsuite, we can send and schedule Tweets, monitor mentions, retweets, and view favorited tweets. It also allows us to search Twitter using keywords like #Eventprofs and #ISES. It can manage multiple social media platflorms at once. We like it because we can view our Twitter and our Facebook on the same page.

If your business is looking to jumpstart your social media outreach, first define your goals. Then, find a helpful tool like Hootsuite to help manage the load. Finally, develop thoughtful posts and ideas to share with your online audience. We’re just getting started with our plan, but you can find us online at:





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