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This summer, each Reinventing Events team member took the Strengths Finder 2.0 online assessment. This assessment reveals and analyzes what each person’s strengths are and how they can take advantage of these strengths. This is completed upon reading the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book, by Tom Rath, which asks the very important question, “Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?” After each team member read the book, completed the assessment, and analyzed their results, they were able to respond to this question with a YES!

Excel Graph

The graph shows the frequency of each strengths among our team. As you can see, the top two strengths that our team members had most in common were Discipline and Relator. According to StrengthsFinders’ Brief Descriptions, the following outlines these particular strengths:

  • Discipline- People who are especially talented in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.

  • Relator- People who are especially talented in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

The team members who possess the Discipline strength are Adriana, Marie, and me. From her past StrengthsFinder blog, when it comes to this strength, Adriana said, “I love creating structure where none exists. Often, I get to create systems and processes to support the event production process.” Marie said, “Especially as an event producer, it takes discipline to be able to multitask and focus on details and organization.” Personally, I use my Discipline strength by coming up with routine ways of doing things to ensure accuracy, which is a must in this industry.

The team members who have the Relator strength are Karen, Adriana, and I. Regarding this strength, Karen said, “Relator plays into my daily life both with clients and with our team. One piece that I think is very important in event production is to understand the client’s culture so we can integrate it into the event.” Adriana said, “ I like having meaningful and close relationships, which is why I love meeting clients early on in the planning process. Once I’ve built a connection it helps to not only guide the professional relationship but I better understand their needs.”  I use my Relator strength by relating to my co-workers and clients to produce a strong bond so we can achieve our goals more efficiently.


With each strength that our team members bring to the company, we become stronger. From the seven women who took this assessment, there were a total of twenty-two different strengths. With that many different talents, we are able to maximize our strengths individually to produce a very productive and talented team that allows us to thrive in chaos.

Everyone from Reinventing Events hope you enjoyed reading this blog series! We were happy to put this together and allow our readers to find out more about each team member and their talents. You can read more about why our team did StrengthsFinder, my insights on my results, as well Nina’s, Marie’s, Adriana’s, Adrienne’s, Katie’s, and Karen’s.

Maria Chalaire

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