Born to Plan

kt_planningAs Miley Cyrus says, “we can’t stop.” Event planners are addicted to planning. There is no end to our madness! I plan what I am going to eat, what my weekend adventures are, what I’m going to wear, my life and everything in it. I’m addicted. Like Charlie Sheen is to #winning, event planners are to #planning. We don’t know how to stop doing what we are good at. Here are some of my tips, tricks and advice for planning:

  1. You have to take time to make time. Use your calendar and schedule out your day. Break down what you need to accomplish and block out chunks of time in your day to work on those items. Our team uses Asana for our project management for client work. Some of our team is also using it for their personal tasks too.
  2. Be proactive instead of reactive. It’s a whole lot easier to accomplish goals and objectives by planning for them. Think ahead and try to consider all obstacles.
  3. Don’t get stuck always preparing and never doing. Always continue the idea with an action. Be a doer! You’ll feel more confident by accomplishing tasks as you are planning for more.
  4. Prioritize. Take time to review what needs to get done today VS what has to get done this week. Make a list and number from most important to least. Our CEO, Karen Hartline, loves to write out tasks on brightly colored post-it notes that she sticks all over her monitor and desk. As she completes a task, she crumples up the post-it and tosses it in the wastebasket. Physically tossing out the task after it’s been complete is rewarding for her. I love making lists and crossing them out as task are completed. If I don’t get to something that day, I highlight it in a bright color to remind myself to add it to tomorrow’s list.
  5. Reward yourself for GTD’ing (getting thing done). Working hard deserves a high five. Go for that mani/pedi, buy that new pair of shoes, and order that $7.99 movie OnDemand. Treat yourself.

I’ve always got a plan for everything. And if for some reason I don’t, I have the instincts to think quick on my feet and come up with one. Most of my friends look to me to figure out plans when we hang out. Paying the bill at dinner, I’m usually the one taking charge, collecting money, and making sure that there’s enough gratuity included. It’s not only out of habit, but I generally like being able to plan it out. It’s a valuable trait that I take for granted. I’m proud to be a planner.

What do you like to plan? Do you have any planning tips to share? Feel free to tweet @reinventevents using #planning and share your ideas.


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