Using Digital Projection Mapping in Events

Reinventing Events strongly believes in continuous learning. By practicing this, our team stays up to date with multiple trends happening in the event industry. One way we’re doing this is by educating ourselves via videos from Event Leadership Institute.

I recently watched a very fascinating ELI video by Travis Threlkel titled, “Digital Projection Mapping: How it Works and How to Use it”. Threlkel explains the innovative concept of digital projection mapping, which is where a 2D or 3D image is projected onto any surface to make it come alive. With this technology, you can add any kind of décor feel to your event’s venue.

It works by using specialized software to create a specifically designed video which is then projected onto a wall within the venue. You can use digital projection mapping to transform a space or venue from plain to spectacular. You can also use this flexible medium to wrap any surface type or size to create something completely different. This will not only transform an event, but the projections really stand out and leave a lasting impression on attendees!

In the images below, you can see an example of digital projection mapping. Obscura Digital projected the YouTube Symphony Orchestra onto both the interior and exterior of the Sydney Opera House. Pretty neat, huh?

Sydney OperahouseSydney Operahouse

Below is a video of another digital projection mapping example that a former client of ours, MLOVE, did during their event in Berlin in 2011. Check out how digital mapping on the front of a castle makes it look like it’s alive. Things get really interesting around the 3:15 time stamp of the video.

Threlkel also explains how you can use digital projection mapping in a real time reactive environment. So in most cases the images and videos are created before the event, but it can also be quickly developed and implemented during an event. For example, if you wish to showcase the winners of a competition that just ended using digital projection mapping, it’s possible by doing day-of downloads onsite.

This is an interesting way of adding flare to any event. It can be affordable within a modest budget. However, the bigger the production you want to have means the budget will increase as well due to equipment needs and design efforts. Nonetheless, it’s well worth the price to create a unique event that stands out.

This transformative tool is game changing in the event industry and could lead to some truly astonishing things.


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