Ready to be schooled about Event Solutions 2014?

I attended the Event Solutions & Catersource show last week and was very impressed with everything there. I even compared the expo to another magical place:

I’ve been to other educational shows for event professionals and have walked away without learning much. I’m excited to share that I got SCHOOLED at the Event Solutions conference and now it’s my time to share some of the things I learned with you. Just like a tasty after school snack, I’m delivering my education via the morsels I shared on Twitter. Here are my top 5 favorite presentations:

5. Remember selling wrapping paper in elementary school? I was always the kid who won awards for selling the most wrapping paper in elementary school. What can I say–I’m a natural sales person, but still had things to learn during Meryl Snow‘s session on Closing the Sale.

4. Being the nerd in grade school was not cool. Now, nerding out about something is what all the cool kids do…especially The Event Nerd who brought the knowledge about utilizing tech at events to create the best attendee experience, not just compliment it.

3. As a cheerleader in high school, my job was to get the crowd excited about what was going on. Designing events isn’t that different when you view the event through your attendees eyes. What is it going to take to get them engaged and excited? Ryan Hanson from BeEvents scored a lot during his Audience-Driven Event Design presentation.

2. GEEK ALERT! I was a closet geek in high school but now, geek is chic, especially when it means being more productive and getting things done efficiently. Dan Berger shared some great event design and creativity apps and hacks. There were even some that were new to me! Check out his full presentation to earn your geek cred. And while you’re there, make sure to check out Dan’s Event Technology That Works presentation, as well as presentations from his Social Tables colleague, Trevor Lynn, on Extending the Life of Your Event with 365 Marketing and Elevate Your Event Sponsorship (which I totally geek’d over).

1. Let’s be honest, we all wanted to be in the popular crowd. But what was it that made them popular? They always seem to know the coolest trends before they were mainstream. Julius Solaris from Event Manager Blog helps you get ahead of the trends happening this year so YOU can be part of the popular crowd.

Julius has a full blog post on the event trends for 2014 that we should be aware of. Great information there so go check it out.

Thank you to all of the presenters who took time to prepare and share their insight and to Event Solutions & Catersource for an amazing event. I’m already looking forward to seeing everyone in 2015!


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