Collision Conference comes to Downtown Vegas

Collision Stage

Photos by Emily Wilson/DTP

On May 13 and 14, the Collision conference took over Downtown Las Vegas. It was a tech conference filled with endless networking opportunities mixed with informative and inspiring sessions. Over 1,000 attendees, including startups and investors from all over the world, attended the conference.

Collision Main Stage

Photos by Emily Wilson/DTP

It took place at Western Hotel located off Fremont Street. This venue has a particularly interesting story. As Event Producers we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best possible venue selections that would meet the goals for their particular event. Collision really wanted to host the event Downtown to showcase what is happening with Downtown Project. Because of their space needs, we were having a difficult time finding the right venue option. What happens when a specific location does not offer a venue that your client wants and needs? You build it for them! This is exactly what Reinventing Events did with Collision, and in only six weeks!

The Reinventing Events team worked with various companies and vendors to transform Western Hotel and it’s parking lot into a conference venue worthy of our clients expectations. After many long hours of planning and early morning conference calls to Dublin, where our clients are based, the Collision conference came to life. Building a tent venue from the ground up was a learning experience which many event producers don’t ever have the opportunity to experience. The Reinventing Events team enjoys taking on these type of challenges and being able to provide our clients with knock-out productions!

During the days of the conference, the variety of speakers and panels kept the day moving, beginning with “Hiring & Firing: Lessons Learnt” from Keith Rabois and Jonathan Krim. There were more than 60 speakers at Collision, who varied from company founders, to CEO’s, to designers, and much more! Tony Hawk’s and Tony Hsieh’s keynotes were favorites amongst the attendees.

Collision Round Table Discussions

Photos by Emily Wilson/DTP

This conference was truly packed with numerous things to do and see. Besides the keynotes, there was a 160 company exhibit space, a startup competition, interactive sponsor stands, round table discussions, press lounge, speaker lounge, and numerous social gatherings and parties to attend after the conference. Talk about being busy!

When we asked the Reinventing Events Team what their favorite part of the conference was, these were their responses:

Karen Hartline, CEO, Las Vegas

It was great working with a very established event team from Dublin to help create an amazing experience for their first U.S. conference. As the vision for the event became clearer, we knew we needed quite a bit of space for the event. With this being our biggest production yet in the downtown area, we knew we had to get creative to meet all of the space requirements needed for the event. We essentially created a little village in the block between Fremont and Carson and 8th and 9th, utilizing not one, but TWO tents as well as the Western Hotel, a new space owned by Downtown Project.

Bringing 1,000 people to Downtown Vegas was so fun. With the location of the venue, attendees walked through the heart of downtown to get from Downtown Grand hotel to the conference action, which allowed them to experience the vibe and have their own collisions with other attendees and the local community.

I’d have to say my favorite part was seeing it all come together. Working with a new venue, as well as tents, can be nerve racking as you don’t know what might happen. We try to be ready for anything that could happen, just to have a plan. We are so thankful that the big wind storm blew in 2 days before the event, causing 20 MPH winds to shake the tents that had already been put up and staked in the ground. I was so relieved to see they made it through the night and were still standing the next morning!

Debbie Gorov, Event Producer, Las Vegas

 I would say that my favorite part of the production was working with the Collision Team in Dublin to design the speakers and VIP spaces at the venue. I really enjoy taking a blank room and making it into a comfortable meeting space. Along with the VIP lounge it was great to see the expo floor and lounge tent come alive with lounge furniture, bean bags, lighting and plants. Attendees seemed to really enjoy spending time together in these areas because we made the spaces inviting. Surprised to find that the outside patio area was being utilized because, even in the hot Vegas sun, the space was comfortable thanks to high tops and umbrella’s.

Megan Gerber, Event Producer, Las Vegas

Collision  provided many unique challenges and pushed our comfort zones, which as always provides tons of opportunities for learning and growing in this business! Everything from working with a new venue space, clients that were 8 hours ahead of us in Ireland, creating spaces in empty parking lot to house different aspects of the event, dealing with Vegas weather (wind, heat, etc.), and last minute things coming together, took our level of competencies to a new place and brought us closer as a team. These varied areas stretched our imaginations, allowed us to work our problem solving skills, and took our abilities to a whole new level as a team. With each one of these obstacles, our team overcame and produced a rockin’ conference for the 1,000+ attendees! We can handle ANYTHING!

My favorite part of the event is, as always, seeing the client happy and getting the congratulations, smiles and thanks from the attendees, as that it what all of our hard work is all about. I cannot wait to work on Collision Conference 2015 and make it even bigger and better!

Maria Chalaire, Event Producer, Virginia Beach

My favorite part about the Collision production was seeing it all come together. I know that may sound cliche, but it’s true! This was the largest production Reinventing Events has put on, so the event was truly a fun thing to work on. It was wild seeing 1,000 attendees roaming Western Hotel and the parking lot with the various things going on throughout the venue.  Another thing I really enjoyed about this production were utilizing food trucks for the conference’s lunch. This concept was wonderful and very organized, which helped when trying to feed 1,000 attendees in a short amount of time. And the best part about the food trucks was that the attendees loved them! Needless to say, I definitely enjoyed working with the Reinventing Events and Collision teams on this production.

Reinventing Events was thrilled to work with the Collision team to produce a successful conference! What did you enjoy the most about Collision?



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