How to Host Dive-In Movie Night

Shark Week PoolWhen I moved into my house last year, I immediately saw huge potential right in front of my eyes. The way my house is built, there’s a 2-story wall in the pool area that I thought would be perfect to project a movie onto while enjoying it from the pool. Because I moved to Vegas during the hottest time of the year, the pool stayed nice and warm into the evening. I decided to get creative and host a Shark Week party, complete with sharks swimming above the pool thanks to a great projector I found on Amazon and Shark Week shows on Netflix. It was such a fun setup! I even had shark pool toys.

Recently, I attended the YxYY event in Palm Springs, an unconference of creative minds coming together to share ideas, inspire each other, encourage each other, and just have fun! Because Palm Springs is HOTTER than Vegas and the majority of the weekend was to be spent in the pool, even into the wee hours, I thought it was a great opportunity to host a few Dive-In Movies. The YxYY organizers loved the idea and encouraged me to do it.

Because I wasn’t sure what the setup might be at Ace Hotel, I thought bringing a projector screen would be the best option to ensure that I had the entire setup taken care of and found this awesome 12′ screen on Amazon. It’s very portable and assembles in less than 20 minutes. So amazing!! We did have confirmation that the hotel would provide speakers for us, which was a huge help.

Dive-In YxYYDive-in Movie Night was hosted on two separate nights during YxYY and was strategically setup near both the hot tub and the pool for maximum water enjoyment. The first night, we screened the film, Let’s Ruin It With Babies, which revolves around the RVIP Karaoke Lounge. It was great to have Jonathan Grubb at YxYY, one of the RVIP founders and “Chaz” in the movie. He joined the group after the film ended for a Q&A session.

The setup came down after Let’s Ruin It With Babies, but came back out to play for Sunday night, which just happened to be Embrace Your Geekness Day. Thankfully, there were a bunch of geeks hanging around at YxYY and in honor of our geekness, we watched The Princess Bride, complete with cheers and jeers throughout the movie.

Hosting outdoor movie nights is really easy. All you need is power, a projector, a screen or light color wall, and speakers. Invite your friends over and dive-in to the pool or bring blankets and pillows outside to enjoy the view!


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