Time to Celebrate Shark Week 2014

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2014 starts on Sunday, August 10. Shark Week is an annual weeklong series of TV shows purely dedicated to sharks. This particular week is one of Reinventing Events favorite holidays! Since we happen to have such a passion for not only sharks, but event planning, we want to share our secrets on how to successfully celebrate Shark Week and all its JAWsome glory!

Let’s start with the best part of celebrations, the food and drinks.

Shark Week 2014

Watermelon Shark

Shark Week 2014

“Shark Teeth” Cheese

The “Shark Teeth” cheese snacks, from Love the Day, would be a great item to make for your guests as it is creative and simple to put together.  The Watermelon Shark idea, from Pretty Little Things, is a great food option to add to the menu as well as it’s a simple centerpiece that’s not only fun, but healthy too! Your guests will walk away from the food table feeling full and amazed with menu items like these. Next up, dessert.

Shark Week 2014

“Taking a Bite” Cupcakes

Shark Week 2014

Shark Brownie Bites

What’s a party without dessert? The “Taking a Bite” cupcakes, from Squidoo, are sure to amaze your guests with its creativity and flavor. The Shark Brownie Bites, from The Dessert Lover, would be a great item to add to the shark-themed dessert menu with all its great details. Of course we have to highlight some cocktail options.

Shark Week 2014

Jello “Chum” Shooters

Shark Week 2014

Shark-Inspired Cocktail

These cocktails are sure to please your guests tastebuds and imaginations. The Jello “Chum” Shooters, from IHeartSharks, may look like chum but taste like yum! The Shark-Inspired Cocktail, from Saucy’s Sprinkles, is a great beverage to offer with its own prop. The shark can also be a party favor for everyone to go home with!

Shark Week 2014

Dog Shark Costume

Cat Shark Hat

Cat Shark Hat

Don’t forget the pets! There’s a costume for all our furry friends during this special week. The Dog Costume, from Amazon, is a great full body costume option. The Cat Shark Hat, from Etsy, would be a great costume for those animals that do not like full body costumes, as this costume is just a hat piece. With these pet costumes, you’ll have your own sharks running around your party, so watch out!

Another fun way to celebrate Shark Week is to take the shark personality quiz.  This quiz will match your personality traits to a sharks. Its pretty neat! I got the Great White Shark– RAWR! What shark did you get?

Reinventing Events hopes you enjoy this thrill-seeking week! You can check out more Shark Week Party ideas from our Pinterest board:

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