Reinventing Events 2016 Team Retreat Takeaways

While growing from two full time employees to six over the last 12 months, this past August was the first time the entire Reinventing Events team were able to gather in one location without the presence of producing a large scale event hanging over everyone’s head for a team retreat. Strung across the entire United States, the team ascended on Orlando for 6 days of continued learning, constant engagement, and team bonding. Led by CEO/Founder Karen Hartline, the first four days of the retreat was a mix of learning about the history of Reinventing Events and preparing for the new trends, technology and resources that the ever changing event industry requires. Everyone in attendance was tasked with sharing more about their areas of expertise which allowed all team members to have a better understanding of the “big picture” and how every detail of a top notch event effects the greater good.

We asked each employee to share their Reinventing Events Team Retreat Takeaways or highlights from our time in Orlando:

Maria Chalaire, Project Manager – Sioux Falls, SD
“I enjoyed team bonding and learning more about RE as a company. I enjoyed team bonding because it was nice to actually interact with my coworkers, which we don’t get to do from working virtually at our homes. So it was fun to hang out with everyone over dinners, movie nights, and pool time. I enjoyed learning more about RE because even though Ive been with the company since May of 2013 I didn’t know everything about the company’s history.  It was also nice to hear more about who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.”
Lauren Polcyn, Sponsor Management – Chicago, IL
“Being together with the team is a major takeaway for me. I think it was important for us to take advantage of us all being together and have those team bonding moments since we rarely get those opportunities without being on-site for an event. It’s great to see how everyone interacts with each other and how each of us bring something unique to the table. Also, having a better understanding of RE’s past, really helped me understand where and how this company came together and more importantly, it’s core values.”
Tiffany Vanarsdel, Operations Manager – Edmond, OK
“The fellowship we experienced was really important. Working with a remote team spread across the US, we miss out on the day to day with our work family. Getting together at the staff retreat allowed us time and an atmosphere to really get to spend time together through work and after work hours to develop, form, or grow those bonds that we don’t really get to do during the hustle and bustle being onsite for events. Connecting with and finding the harmony within your team is invaluable.  Also, with majority of our staff being within six months new to Reinventing Events, we all have information and tricks of the trade as well as the foundations from the company on how to accomplish our goals successfully and result in satisfied clients and attendees. The staff retreat training sessions allowed us all to receive and share the mass knowledge on what makes us Reinventing Events; who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. I left with a much deeper awareness and education that helps me not only do my part, but understand more about the responsibilities of my team.”
Tiffany James, Venue Management – Long Beach, CA
“My first takeaway from the retreat was learning more about the history behind RE. I was impressed to see the footprint of our work behind some of the biggest tech conferences in the industry. I was equally impressed in the size of events produced by the team in the first 4 years. I feel that to be able to demonstrate growth early on is pretty key in evaluating future successes for the business.  My second takeaway from the retreat was the camaraderie I felt watching, listening to, and training together with the team. Being on the the same page with how and why we do what we do is vital for team success. I felt more bonded with my colleagues at the conclusion of the event, and gained even more respect for everyone and what they bring to the table.”
Molly Portillo, Speaker Management – San Francisco, CA
“I enjoyed learning about new online tools to help with design specifically and how they will help me/us in the future. This will help me build confidence in creating more appealing visuals for our events. The websites and will be super helpful! The other really strong takeaway I had was that I really enjoyed the experience of getting to know my coworkers on a personal level while not being onsite for an event. This allowed us to truly relax and open up, something that would normally happen in an office setting. While I love working from home, this element of human connection will help us produce better events overall because we have a better understanding of each other’s personalities.”
Angela Giglio, Design & Registration – Alexandria, VA
“As I have just started with Reinventing Events, meeting the team was very important to me because I was able to connect with the team prior to starting. It was great meeting everyone and feeling like I made personal connections with everyone before my first official day. Also, learning the various resources Reinventing Events uses will be extremely helpful. This was a big take away for me because I was introduced to all the resources that RE uses & I was able to get an idea of how things work. Being shown how to use the resources before jumping into things was extremely helpful. It was really nice logging onto my first day and already having a sense of what tools I should be using and how to use them.”
Karen Hartline, CEO/Founder – Las Vegas, NV
“Having a remote team doesn’t mean I can’t think about company culture. If anything, we have to work harder to cultivate team bonds. I really wanted to make sure that our time together wasn’t all training or work so I built in a little later start time to allow people to rise and shine at their own pace, as well as a 2-hour ‘free time’ break in the afternoons to enjoy the pool, nap, or whatever people wanted to do. It’s hard to find time for the entire team to travel for a week of training and to step away from the day-to-day duties a bit, but it was very much needed. The team is refreshed and ready to take on any crazy event items that might come our way!”
Paul Zilm, Speaker Management/Marketing – Las Vegas, NV
“I enjoyed learning from my colleagues. Everyone who works for Reinventing Events, whether you have been here since the beginning or just started, has something special to offer. I enjoy learning from them and even though we each have specific duties on the events we do, it’s important to understand how what we each do effects the larger picture and the overall presentation of our events. I also really enjoyed the laughter we shared in our casual time together. Each one of us has a personality that makes us who we are as a person and an employee. Being able to see that come out in laughter and fun memories is something I won’t forget.”

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