Event Planning as Told by Game of Thrones

If you’ve ever planned a large event or have even been close to someone who’s in the midst of the planning process, you know that there’s way more to event planning than most people think. You learn that the success of an event is often found in the details, and those details can sometimes drive you insane and make you feel like you’re preparing for your own Game of Thrones battle.

As you get closer to an event your work days become longer but your excitement grows. You brace yourself for the rush of attendees at registration when the doors first open. You mentally prepare for 15-hour days that leave you feeling a mix of exhausted and accomplished. And you look forward to seeing your favorite vendors onsite and finally getting to meet all the speakers you’ve spent months talking to.

As excited as you are, you almost feel like you’re going into battle. You start to triple check that your event kit has everything you could possibly need. You run through the production schedule to be sure everything is covered. You review your play book and memorize those emergency numbers. You dream of conquering the event and image everything that can go well. But you also prepare for every situation that could go wrong.

Most event planners don’t have to worry about dragons interrupting the keynote speaker or unregistered White Walkers trying to sneak into the event…but events can still be a battle. Here is our take on event planning as told by Game of Thrones.

http://reinventingevents.com/2017/08/event-planning-game-of-thrones/ You're not fighting for the iron throne but every event planner knows the range of emotions is almost similar to your own Game of Thrones battle.

When you’ve hit your goal for ticket sales.


When your print vendor lets you add on a last minute sign to your order & doesn’t charge you the added rush fees. 


When you’ve been working with your favorite vendor & finally get to see them on setup day.


When you wake up at 4am and realize the event is only 2 weeks away.


When you’re creating the production schedule and realize you need to be 10 places at once.


When a speaker asks if they can edit their slides the night before the event.


When you’re about to open the doors to registration and see long lines have already formed.


When an attendee shows up unregistered for the event, doesn’t want to buy a ticket onsite, and then tries to sneak in past security.

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When you make it through the initial rush of registration but see that 40% of attendees still need to check-in. 


When you’ve been at the venue since 5:00am but still need to make it through the VIP reception at 8:00pm.


When the event is over and it’s time for your vendors to start load-out.


When people say your job is easy.



Although you’re not fighting for the iron throne, every event planner knows that making it through an event is a battle. So cheers to conquering the details, slaying long registration lines, battling through set-up day and winning the hearts of your clients.

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