Tested Tips for Keeping Sponsors Happy

In today’s competitive event industry, sponsors are getting pickier in who they choose to work with for event sponsorships. From a sponsor’s perspective, event sponsorship is a strategic way for a company to get exposure, talk with potential customers face-to-face, and drive business. From the client’s perspective, event sponsorship is a great way to increase overall event revenue. So it’s important for the event production team and their client to keep event sponsors happy so they want to come back and sponsor future events. Here are some tested tips for keeping sponsors happy:

http://reinventingevents.com/2017/08/tested-tips-keeping-sponsors-happy/ Keeping event sponsors happy is important for the event production team and their client to so they want to come back and sponsor future events. Read more at Tested Tips for Keeping Sponsors Happy.

Understand the sponsoring company

Take time to learn about the company by researching the company’s website. Understand what services they offer and how they may present their product to attendees at your event. Also, get to know their staff. Understand who your point of contact is and what their title is with the company. This will also help when you finally meet them in person (if you haven’t already) since you can put a face with the name.

Treat your sponsors with white glove service

Remain professional and kind with your sponsors at all times. Also try to go above and beyond for them. If a sponsor were to request something for their booth, see if you can accommodate this request. If you can’t, help point them in the right direction. Never tell a sponsor ‘no’ without explaining and presenting another solution.

Effectively present all sponsorship details

Sponsors require clear direction on their sponsorship so it’s important to get all details to them in a timely manner. Reinventing Events suggest putting together an exhibitor kit, in addition to an online sponsor portal. These should both outline any and all details that pertain to each sponsorship level and important due dates.

Offer unique sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors love sponsorship opportunities that set them apart from others. A few examples of unique sponsorship opportunities would be a shoe shine station, candy bar, or wine tasting. These opportunities are fun and naturally drive attendee traffic.

Help drive attendees to sponsor booths

This is an awesome bonus to offer sponsors. This will increase networking opportunities and booth traffic. For example, you could offer a giveaway to your attendees and for them to enter, they must visit X amount of sponsor booths.

Thank them

Reinventing Events suggests the client writes handwritten thank you cards and place them on the sponsor’s booths or tables before they arrive for setup. Some clients have even presented thank you gifts. This unexpected kind gesture goes a long way.


By executing the above, sponsors will enjoy their sponsorship experience and appreciate the extra time you’ve taken on them. This will result in the sponsors coming back and sponsoring future events. If a sponsor does become unhappy with their sponsorship experience at any time, it’s imperative to troubleshoot and resolve the issue right away.


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