How to Onboard a New Employee

Onboarding a new employee is a process that needs to be handled with care. This is a time when you can make or break your new team member by setting them up for success or letting them figure it all out on their own. Because Reinventing Events is a remote-working business, meaning our entire team works from different cities, I’ve taken care in creating a process for onboarding a new employee that helps them get set up the right way from the very beginning. I’ve outlined our process to help you with onboarding new employees for your business.  Onboarding a new employee is a crucial time as you set your new team member up for success and can set the tone for their time with your company.

Utilize Checklists

I have checklists for EVERYTHING at Reinventing Events and it’s the only way to ensure something doesn’t get missed. The process for onboarding a new employee is vital for multiple reasons. You want to make sure you cover everything you need to, legally and logistically, but you also want your new employee to feel like they are joining a team that has their stuff together. The checklist isn’t just for your benefit either. We have a templated checklist that we copy for each employee and share with them via Google Drive. This way they can refer back to it whenever they may need to.

Use Your Team for Training

Another nice touch we have for onboarding a new employee is using different people from the team to do training with them. This gives the new employee a chance to get to know other people on the team and feel like they have multiple people they can approach if they have any questions. It also helps with breaking up the monotony of reviewing the boring stuff. And let’s be honest, there’s a lot of boring HR and legal stuff to review with each employee.

Outline docs needed for new employees

There are TONS of docs needed when you’re onboarding a new employee. It’s a great idea to outline all of the onboarding docs needed and keep that list handy. Here’s our list:

    1. Completed W9
    2. Emergency Contact Form
    3. Confidentiality of Company and Client Information
    4. Policy Against Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment
    5. Technology Acceptable-Use Policy
    6. Good Faith Ethical Compliance Policy
    7. Photography Release and Consent
    8. Workplace Violence Policy
    9. IP and New Development Assignment Policy
    10. Employment at Will Policy
    11. Team Handbook

By having all of these docs outlined it helps you make sure you’re not missing anything that may need to be reviewed with the new employee.

Have a great payroll company

Knowing that you have a company that makes it easy to add a new employee and to run payroll is a huge stress relief! I’ve been using Gusto (affiliate link), which used to be called ZenPayroll, since I’ve had full-time employees. They really do make payroll easy! And if you have any questions you can easily chat or call them. Because we have employees in multiple states, it makes it a little tricky with getting each person set up. There are different forms that have to be filed per state but Gusto has been a huge help in making sure we’re compliant.


You want to make sure your new employee feels comfortable in their first days with your company. Starting a new job can be very stressful and learning the basics for the company can be overwhelming. Think about it from their perspective to make it as easy and friendly as possible. Onboarding a new employee doesn’t have to be painful…it can actually be exciting for you and your newest addition to the team!

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