9 Details to Capture in a Volunteer Application

Volunteers can be a great asset to your event and the way to start off with managing them in the best way possible is by having the right volunteer application details. There are some basic items to ask for but there are some strategic and advanced questions to understand why they are volunteering for your event. This also helps ensure you have the RIGHT volunteers for the event and not just a body to fill a position.

Here’s an outline of volunteer application details you should be collecting.http://reinventingevents.com/2017/10/volunteer-application-details/ Volunteers can be a great asset to your event and the way to start off with managing them in the best way possible is by having the right volunteer application details.

Standard Questions:

  1. Name: (First and Last, or FULL NAME) – Yes, you must specifically spell it out because it never fails someone will exclude part of their full name. Hard to register someone without their name!
  2. E-mail address: Correspondence is inevitable and key! It sure makes it hard to send them the information you need to get to them without the e-mail address.
  3. Company name/Job Title: Use separate fields to simplify registering them later. This information will likely be used for attendance badges/purposes. If the volunteers are attending the event outside of their volunteer shifts, they will want to have their information on their badge. This helps them for networking and connecting purposes.
  4. Mobile Phone: You will need this information in case you need to call them onsite or prior to the event for any reason.

Advanced Questions:

  1. LinkedIn URL: This is not a typical question for most applications but we feel it provides you additional information about the person. You can see their experience, passions, possibly where they are located, as well as providing the ability to verify their name and information. 
  2. Availability: Give the volunteer the time slots that need to be filled and have them select all the options that they are available to volunteer. This will be a huge help to you for scheduling.
  3. Find out WHY: Ask why they want to volunteer at your event. This will give you insight into what makes them want to be there. Some want to give back to the community they are passionate about while others maybe can’t afford a ticket to the event and this is a way to get a free ticket to the event. Some will list they want to network or learn and some people may be new to the area or want to get out of the house.
  4. Previous Event Experience: If they have any experience working with or volunteering at events or conferences, you want to know that so you can better utilize them to the best of your needs! Best to give them options to select from to keep the answers uniform to make it easier on you.
  5. T-Shirt Size: If you have staff or swag shirts for volunteers to wear at the event, it is best to ask that now. This will allow you one step ahead of the game for ordering purposes and preparing for them to arrive onsite.

There are definitely more questions you could add or specific information that may help you in planning which you should consider adding for your event. Try not to make the volunteer application too long so they don’t lose interest and not fill out what you need in order to plan them to the best fit for you and them. We suggest using Google Forms to create your application. The above questions can be created quickly and easy to fill out with drop down options and required fields to help cut down on incomplete applications. Best of luck to you in finding the volunteers you need!

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